2600-20000kN BLKP Knuckle-joint Cold Forging Press

BLKP Knuckle-joint Cold Forging Press

Tonnage energy stroke curve

BOLUN machines are widely sold all over the world.

Stroke-Crankshaft Angle Diagram

Stroke-Crankshaft Angle Diagram

Capacity-travel curve graph

Capacity-travel curve graph


Compared with cutting processing, it can generally save 40% to 60% of materials.

After forging, the crystal grains can be refined and the tensile strength can be increased by about two times. In addition, the mechanical properties can be improved through the process, so cheaper materials can be used.

The forged material is comprehensively affected by the pressure surface and will have a higher deformation rate.

The processed products have high precision and smooth surface.

Improve production performance.

Accessories standards:


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