630-1100kN BLPC-Ⅱ Special Press for Open Double Point Battery Case

BLPC-Ⅱ Special Press for Open Double Point Battery Case

The muiti-station press for the battery case can be used for blanking, stretching, triming, cxplosion-proof prning, deburing and dther procss combinations, with manual, inching, single operation, frequency control and continuous operation and emergency stop function;

System onfguration of uti-station press for battery case: material automatic expansion machine, pneumatic automatic feeder, fixed station multi-station press, transmission system, cam returning materialsystem, mulit-station fxible manipulator, ejection system, multistation continuous drawing die,dtie lubrcation system,die cooling system, bidirectional horizontal mechanism trimming die mechanism, automatic die inspection system, and product conveyor, etc;

Fixed station multi-station press using PLC electrical control system, can be equipped wlth varous automation equipment, featuring high precision, long life and stable performance;

The die lubrication system adopts the automatic lubrication method and selects the high-pressure oil supply of the vane pump to ensure reliable oil supply for each strecting station; the oil separator is adjustable, and the oil supply amount of each station is balanced to make the product stretch and form smoothly;

Automatic die detection system for delecting whether the product is stretched normally during the stretch producion process. If there are abnormalities, lacks etc., the fixed station multi-station press automatically stops, ensuring the multi-station continuous drawing die and the multi-station flexible manipulator to work safely;

Compared with similar products, it has simple structure and convenient adjustment and maintenance, with the compact structure, small floor space, and the whole process automation from belting to component forming and sending out.

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