800-6300kN BLPD Semi Closed Single Point Press

BLPD Semi Closed Single Point Press

High precision

The friction parts such as the crankshaft, gears, and gear shafts are all heat treated and then ground to achieve extremely high wear resistance and smooth transmission.

Efficient production capacity

It can be matched with any automatic feeding mechanism to run automated production, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Simple manipulation

Humanized interface support, convenient, concise and clear operation.

Energy conservation

Adopting advanced design concepts, low noise, low consumption and energy saving. Using frequency conversion energy-saving technology, it saves 30% energy compared with traditional punch machines.

On the safe side

The clutch brake device is highly sensitive, coupled with the efficient double solenoid valve and overload protection device, ensuring the accuracy and safety of the punch slider's operation and stop.

High rigidity

The high-rigidity and high-precision structure is welded with steel plates and heat-treated to eliminate the internal pressure of the lathe. Structural members conform to a uniform, rigid balance.

Accurate adjustment

The slider adjustment mechanism has an adjustment accuracy of up to 0.1mm, making production safer and faster.

Gravity balance

The transmission center is consistent with the center of the entire machine, ensuring accurate and stable stamping. Two slider balancers are used to ensure balanced operation of the machine.

high driving torque wet clutch&brake

high driving torque wet clutch&brake

1. Fuselage
2. Flywheel
3. Clutch brake
4. Gear shaft
5. Big gear
6. Balancer
7. Crankshaft

8. Ball head
9. Overloaded fuel tank
10. Sliders
11. Charging device
12. Slider version (removable)
13. Bench board

High performance, high efficiency, low inertia, high torque, low noise, no dust, long service life, low maintenance costs.

super rigid frame

super rigid frame1

The rigidity of the structure is optimized, the precision of stamping products is greatly improved, and the life of the mold is effectively extended.

super rigid frame2

Insert type die pad above, free foundation resistance construction and easy maintenance.

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