1100-10000kN BLPG Closed Single Point Press

BLPG Closed Single Point Press

The design of the four-column straight-column frame is symmetrical before and after, with small deformation, which can be applied to various work stamping;BLPG series are divided into general-purpose and high-speed types.

The machine body is welded with high-quality steel plate, which has high strength, high rigidity and high precision;

The slider adopts four-corner and eight-sided long guide rail, which has goodguidance and high precision;

The drive shaft is driven by a flywheel with or without gears according to the speed of the slider and the demand of the point where the capacity occurs.

The connecting rod design of the crankshaft and the box-type slider combinationcan absorb the high load and resistance generated by high-speed punching.

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