Bolun’s most popular power press machine in China

My friends from all over the world,

BLPA series is our most popular press machine so far. 

BLPA series can be widely using on variety industries. Meanwhile , it is easy to handle with reasonable price.

BLPA series has 13 models, including 15tons, 25tons, 35tons, 45tons, 60tons, 80tons, 110tons, 125tons,160tons, 200tons, 260tons, 315tons, and 400tons.

You can find mechanical arms set up with our power press machine on the photo.

With mechanical arms, you don’t have to worry about workers’s safty any more. 

I will share with you more about Bolun power press machine next week! Just come to find us on Whatsapp:+86 189 5753 1333


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