BLPC-250 Open Double Point Press

BLPC-250 Open Double Point Press

Type: High-Speed Punching Machine
Punch Shape: Semi-Open Punch
Slider Movement: Single Action
Slider Drive Mechanism: Cam Press
Controlling Mode: Artificial
Automatic Grade: Automatic

Product Description

Technical Parameters


Basic data BLPC-250
Model V H
Nominal Capacity (kN) 2500
Nominal Pressure Stroke (mm) 7 3.5
Strokes of Slide (mm) 280 170
Strokes per Minute (S.P.M) 20-35 30-60
Max.Die Height (mm) 550 605
Die Height Adjustment (mm) 120
Throat Depth (mm) 455
Worktable Size (mm) 2700*900*170
Slide Bottom Size (mm) 2300*700*95
Height of Working Face (mm) 1100
Distance between Column (mm) 2239
Main motor (kW*P) (vs)22*4
Die height adjuster (kW) 1.5
Air Pressure (MPa) 0.55
Punch Accuracy GB(JIS) 1 class
Overall Dimension (mm) 2545*3000*4304
Press weight (Ton) 44
Mold Pad Capacity (kN) 140*2
Ram Stroke (mm) 100
Effective Area of Cushion (mm²) 640*470*2 Group





Worktable BLPC-250
Lower work surface (left and right * front and rear) 2700×900
T-slot model B
Number of T-shaped slots 8
b1 450
b2 150
b3 680
b4 540
b5 510
Graphical 2、4 Die pad pin holeNumber * aperture 70×Ø28(+0.5;-0.1)
Pin hole distance c * d 100×100




BLPC-110 Open Double Point Press (2)

Slide BLPC-250
Upper working surface (left and right * front and rear) 2300×700
T-slot model B
Number of T-shaped slots 8
b6 450
b7 150


BLPC-110 Open Double Point Press (3) BLPC-110 Open Double Point Press (4)
Dimension BLPC-250
Model V Type H Type
AA 3000
AB 2800
AC 2200
AD 2700
AE 2220
AF 2100
AG 2590
BA 2545
BB 2195
BC 900
BD 455
BE 700
HA 820
HB 1100 1155
HC 550 605
HD 280 170
HE 4304
HF 1680
ØH Ø54



BLPC-110 Open Double Point Press (1)

Model A B
a 22 28
b 37 48
c 24 28
d 16 20
R 1 1


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Company Profile

Zhejiang Bolun High-Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., founded 30 years ago, focuses on the R&D, design and production of punch presses. The company has now developed into a solution provider for complete production lines of metal forming equipment. Our solutions are widely used in the auto parts industry, food packaging industry and other hardware industries. In particular, the aluminum foil container production line has been widely praised since its launch. It has helped many customers at home and abroad complete the automation upgrade and transformation of equipment, improve work productivity, reduce production costs, and eliminate safety hazards. As a manufacturer, we provide excellent product quality; as an exporter, we provide comprehensive after-sales service; as a supplier, we provide a competitive price system.

Our Advantages

Relying on advanced management concepts and standardized process operations, Bolun Company, as a production-oriented enterprise, on the one hand effectively reduces production costs, on the other hand increases investment in research and development, with annual sales of US$15 million in the field of high-speed presses. Our company’s servo press has also been launched, and we will integrate powerful supply chain resources and focus on developing turnkey projects.

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